"Episode One" is the premiere episode of Central Park.


Paige tries to get a big headline for her report when Bitsy's dog goes missing in Central Park.

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Birdie, a busker, introduces the audience to Central Park ("Central in My Heart") as well as the Tillerman family who live in Edendale Castle: Owen, the manager of the park, his wife Paige, a journalist, and their kids Molly, who draws comics and Cole, who loves animals. Bitsy Brandenham, who owns Brandenham Hotel which sits opposite the park, is upset that her dog, Champagne, has disappeared. Owen is disappointed that no one wants to see the Turtleheads bloom in the park and decides to try to make this year's "Turtleheading" the best one yet. Meanwhile, everyone voices their wants: Paige wants to get the big scoop, Molly wants a boy named Brendan to notice her, Helen, Bitsy's assistant wants to own everything and Cole, who kidnapped Champagne, wants to be a good dog owner ("Own It"). Bitsy offers a reward for the return of her dog, causing everyone to swarm the park and destroy the Turtleheads. Owen discovers Cole's crime and he tries to get his dad to listen to him ("Poops I'll Pick it Up"). They ultimately return the dog to an ungrateful Bitsy. Paige reveals that she wrote an article on the Turtleheads' destruction which mildly pleases Owen. Bitsy reveals her plan to buy up Central Park.





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