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Owen Tillerman is the park manager of Central Park, New York. He is the husband of Paige Hunter and the father of Molly and Cole Tillerman. He is voiced by Leslie Odom Jr. 


Owen is a bespectacled man of African-American descent. He exclusively sports curly, black hair and black-rimmed, square frame glasses. Typically, Owen is seen wearing a beige button-up shirt with greenish-brown shorts.


Owen is a determined, albeit anxious person. He worries excessively about the park and whether or not he's enough to support it (Episode One). This concern for the park drives him to go above and beyond to protect and preserve it, sometimes to the detriment of his relationships with other park-goers, namely Glorious Gary (Skater's Circle). Though his uptight nature about preserving the park can cause tension, it has single-handedly saved and kept the park afloat numerous times (Garbage BalletLive It Up Tonight, A Fish Called Snakehead). In the first of these listed episodes, Owen is admired by Birdie for his innovative garbage collecting system. When said system became obstructed by the mayor's restrictions, the park was almost immediately overrun by trash. Owen's thoughtfulness, along with his impressive organization skills, makes him a capable leader. 


The first time we see Owen Tillerman is in the first episode, cleverly titled "Episode One", where we learn from the story's narrator and good friend of Owen's, Birdie, that Owen lives in a castle with his wife Paige, his daughter Molly, and his son Cole, and he's the manager of Central Park. He discusses with his family over breakfast about the upcoming "Turtlehead Day" that Owen is very excited for, even though the turnout usually isn't very great. While he wants his family to participate in "Turtlehead Day" with him, everyone says that they have something else to do. Owen then gets a call saying that the story's antagonist, and owner of the "Brandenham Hotel", Bitsy Brandenham, lost her dog Shampagne. When Owen shows up to "Turtlehead Day", he's disappointed to see that no one else came. He then talks to Birdie, who tries to cheer him up. Owen then sings the first verse of "Own It", talking about how no one cares about "Turtlehead Day". After Bitsy states in a press conference that whoever finds her dog Shampagne will get a reward 55,000 dollars, people start tearing up the park looking for it, which makes Owen quite upset. He then runs into Cole, who we found out was the one that took Shampagne. Owen then asks Cole to come help him find the dog, but since Cole is the one hiding it, he comes up with an excuse saying he's allergic to dogs, and when Owen tells him he's not, Cole then says that he's allergic to Owen's shenanigans and tries to change the subject. All of a sudden, Shampagne pops out of Cole's backpack, which makes Owen upset, and he tells Cole that they need to return the dog ASAP, so people stop tearing up his park. But Cole is reluctant, and starts singing "Poops I'll Pick Up", explaining that he loves Shampagne, and that they have to keep him, and that he'll pick up his poops, though Owen doesn't think that he will, and says that they can't keep the dog anyway because they have to return it. They return the dog to Bitsy, and since Owen doesn't want to get in trouble since Cole's the one that took it, they ask for no reward. Owen is still angry about how Cole stole the dog, and tells him that none of the stuff in the park would've happened if he didn't take the dog. Cole then sings "Shampagne Was My Best Friend", and tells Owen how heartbroken he is now that they returned "Shampagne". And Owen tells Cole that he understands he's feeling crushed, and how "just like his turtleheads his dream were turned to dust". Everyone, especially Owen ends up getting cheered up though when "Turtlehead Day" appears in the newspaper after Paige decided to write about it.

In the next episode, "Skater's Circle", we see Owen is panicking as he rushes to get ready for his video conference call with the Park League. Owen rushes to try to iron his shorts, but he isn't able to do it in time, so he has to end up doing it without wearing pants. Luckily, the camera doesn't see the below the waist. Unfortunately, they end up seeing his underwear, after he walks away to grab something, which makes him quite embarrassed. During the meeting they also talk about how there was a mini-mugging in Skater's Circle. The League feel like it might be a bit dangerous since there are usually a lot of people over there, and Owen sys he'll check it out this morning. When he gets there he notices how there actually aren't that many people there anymore since "Glorious Gary" stopped coming, who was the heart of the scene. Glorious Gary was a great skater, but Owen never really liked them all that much since they didn't treat the place that well, and were constantly throwing trash everywhere. Birdie then points out that maybe if "Glorious Gary" had been there, the mugging wouldn't have happened since there would've been more people there, and points out that maybe they should bury the hatchet, so they can repopulate the scene. Owen goes over to talk to "Glorious" Gary, who's working at "Larry's Stereo Repair". They then immediately start arguing as Owen says they were ruining the park, and Gary said that he killed the scene with all of his crazy rules, and Gary kicks Owen out of the shop, even though it's technically not his. Owen tries to talk to "Glorious" Gary again, this time with Birdie there to help. Even though they argued the last time, birdie tells "Glorious" Gary that he doesn't talk with his mouth, he talks with skates, and suggested that they go skating together, and Owen agrees. Despite Owen not being very good at it, "Glorious" Gary helps Owen out, and "Glorious" Gary attracts a lot more skaters back to Skater's Circle. Owen then apologizes to "Glorious" Gary, and says that the skaters are close to just as important to the park as the plants are. "Glorious" Gary accepts Owen's apology, and sings "Do It While We Can", as Owen attempts and mostly fails to do all of the skating moves that Gary and everybody else can do with ease, as his kids watch from the sidelines.

In the episode "Hat Luncheon", Birdie explains that despite the city being dysfunctional after someone voted "no" to