"Skater's Circle" is the second episode of Central Park.


Molly helps Cole sneak into Bitsy's place so he can see Champagne, Owen tries to resolve an issue regarding the Skater's Circle group, and Bitsy announces her plan to turn Central Park into buildings.

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Owen tries to get things right with the Central Park League, who are in charge with funding the park. He ends up having to resolve an issue regarding the Skater's Circle which has been left abandoned after he banned skating due to their littering. Birdie tries to have him resolve his conflict with skater Glorious Gary whom he does not respect. Wanting to feel heroic, Molly decides to help Cole see Champagne again ("Weirdos Make Great Superheroes"). Meanwhile, Bitsy tries to get several investors to agree with her plan to buy the park which hide her unbridled rage at the world and those who looked down on her ("Make Em' Pay"). Molly and Cole fail to rescue Champagne, but learn that he does remember Cole, much to their joy ("Weirdos Make Great Superheroes Reprise"). Paige has to report on a town meeting and discovers that the Central Park League are having a debate which could impact the funding for the park. She tries calling Owen, but he is learning to skate with Gary and begins seeing value in the skaters ("Do It While You Can"). Upon hearing about the debate, Bitsy announces her plan to turn the park into more buildings.





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